Former Male Idol Sentenced To One Year In Prison

Former male idol Jung Jin Woo has been sentence to one year in prison after being convicted of gambling. 

Jung Jin Woo reportedly spent almost thirty-five million won on illegal gambling websites despite a law in Korea that bans Korean citizens from gambling at all. Although there are casinos in Korea, a foreign passport is required to enter, and the laws against gambling is strictly enforced.

When he was initially caught, Jung Jin Woo asked his stepfather to confess to the crime in his place in order to preserve his singing career. Although his stepfather did confess in his place and received one million won in fines, Jung Jin Woo continued to gamble and even started working as an advertiser for the websites.


According to Jung Jin Woo, who is a former member of idol group M to M, gambling was a necessity to him.

“Even though I’m a celebrity, I was in need of money. I needed to keep my lifestyle going and needed money for that.”

– Jung Jin Woo

Source: Dispatch