Former Miss A Member Fei Weighs In On Talks Of “Unfair Opportunities”, As Well As Fellow Group Member Suzy

She revealed it all.

Former Miss A member Fei recently sat down for a Sina Weibo interview, where she revealed her thoughts on Miss A’s supposed “unequal development opportunities”, and also spoke about fellow group member Suzy.

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YouTube channel Feithful AFeiFacts uploaded and translated one part of the interview, where she answers these questions given to her. In the interview, one of the questions asked to her was,

Miss A members were said to have unequal development opportunities,

what do you think?


Fei began answering the question by opening up about her initial days in Korea as a girl group member, and revealed that because she wasn’t confident in her Korean language skills, she had herself asked to not be included in too many variety shows so that she wouldn’t have to speak much. She also revealed that she also would let the other members take the wheel at other events as well, letting them do most of the talking.

Especially since my Korean in the past was not very fluent, when I first debuted, I was very shy and didn’t want to speak much. I was afraid of going on a lot of variety shows.

So I told my company not to arrange so many variety shows for me.


She then concludes by saying that since everybody’s popularity is different, no one can control the amount of popularity they receive. She says that at the end of the day, they all did their best, and made sure to do their job well, so the rest is up to the public and how they choose to perceive them.

But everyone’s popularity is different. You cannot control how popular you are, right?

It’s enough that we just made sure we did our job well, and left the rest to the audience.

So it’s not about whether the company arranges opportunities for you, it’s not like that.



Another question asked to Fei was about her current thoughts on former group member Suzy.


So now you can see Suzy’s career is progressing quite well.

What are your thoughts on this?


And Fei responded with nothing but praise for the group’s former maknae! She talked about how good it is that Suzy’s doing so well, and praised her incredible work ethic that has remained the same ever since their debut days!

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As Suzy trained for only 10 months before debuting with the group— as compared to the years of trainee experience the other 3 members had accumulated— Fei stressed how hard Suzy worked to keep up with the other members as best as she could.

It’s good! I think it’s a very good thing that everyone’s career is progressing well. When we first debuted, Suzy was very hardworking. She was quite anxious from the start because I, Jia, and Min already trained for so long. Our boss instructed her, saying,

“You definitely have to work hard. You definitely have to work harder than the others.”

So Suzy often came to us and to practice dance and vocals. She is really hardworking.


She then spoke more about how happy she is for Suzy’s success, and also gave her thoughts about how people tend to say that they only know of Miss A because of Suzy.

She chanced upon a very good opportunity, which led to people noticing her. I think this is a very good thing.

Of course, there are a lot of people who say they only know Miss A because of Suzy.

I don’t think this matters. Ultimately, your answer is that you know of Miss A, right?

It’s good enough that you know of Miss A.



Miss A debuted in 2010, with their hugely successful debut song “Good Girl Bad Girl”. After 7 successful years, the group ultimately disbanded in 2017, with the members all leaving JYP Entertainment and pursuing their own individual career paths.

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Currently, Fei is a contestant on the Chinese survival girl group show Sisters Who Make Waves, where female celebrities above 30 years of age compete to debut in a seven-member girl group.


Watch the interview with Fei here!