Former MOMOLAND Member Daisy Spills On The Real Circumstances Behind Her Exit From The Group

The former idol finally revealed the truth!

After leaving MOMOLAND in 2020, many had assumptions about why Daisy left the group. Yet, in a recent live broadcast, member Daisy reveals the truth behind her departure from the girl group. Yet, it seems like the assumptions that Daisy left on her own accord might not be true.

Former MOMOLAND Member Daisy | @MOMOLAND_Japan/ Twitter

The former MOMOLAND member recently went live with fans to chat with them and answer questions about everything that was going on in her life. Unsurprisingly, many of the comments touched upon the issue of Daisy leaving the group.

In 2019, there were months of speculations about Daisy leaving the group as she hadn’t been active with the group for some months and was not present in their previous comeback. It wasn’t until 2020 that it was confirmed that Daisy was no longer a member of the group.

MOMOLAND promo shot from 2019 without Daisy | MLD Entertainment

After seeing all of the comments, Daisy set the record straight and shocked fans by revealing that she didn’t leave the group and company because of personal choices. Rather, she explained that she was fired from the group.

Guys, for the love of God, I did not leave [MOMOLAND]. I was fired. Okay?

— Daisy

Although Daisy was fired from the group, she made sure to assure fans watching on TikTok that she was alright.

She also added that, because it’s been a long time since she left the group, it didn’t affect her anymore. Daisy explained, “It’s been so long. Oh my God, it’s great. Okay. It’s all good. It is a-okay.”

It also seems that, despite issues surrounding Daisy’s claims that Finding MOMOLAND was rigged and issues surrounding her relationship status, there wasn’t a clear reason she was fired.

After revealing that she was fired, Daisy explained that even now, she was confused about everything that had happened.

Cause I don’t know either. Like if I knew, I would have probably ‘unfired’ myself. I didn’t know you could get fired from that. You know what, I didn’t know either.

— Daisy

It hasn’t been an easy few years for Daisy. The former member was embroiled in a court case previously after she left the company. Daisy revealed that MLD Entertainment had included the production costs of their debut reality survival program, Finding Momoland, into the trainees’ debt. She had then sued MLD Entertainment.

The court ruled in Daisy’s favor, partially stating there was no clear evidence to support it as a common practice. The court also ruled for MLD Entertainment to pay Daisy ₩13.0 million KRW (about $10,900 USD) in unpaid salary.

It was a shock to fans to find out this news as it was previously assumed that Daisy had left the company under her own accords. Hopefully, now that everything is out in the open, Daisy can continue with her life and she will always have fans supporting her.

Source: @coupschan

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