Former Pristin Member Faces Allegations Of Homophobia

“Y’all love being homophobic for laughs and giggles.”

The K-Pop world isn’t new to controversies, and former Pristin member Seungyeon is the latest idol to be embroiled in one.

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Sungyeon’s new single, “I Know Ur Gay,” debuted with a teaser on TikTok, igniting a firestorm of mixed reactions. The song’s narrative, centering on a woman entangled with a homophobic lover, has raised eyebrows and drawn criticism for perceived homophobic elements.

The TikTok release, which has since been deleted, featured a 30-second snippet of ‘”I Know Ur Gay.” The lyrics, blending a sense of personal betrayal with societal commentary, start with a warning about homophobic partners and transition into a chorus that directly addresses the lover’s sexuality.

They say watch out when your boy’s homophobic

My f*cking bad I was blind for you

I should’ve known it

— Lyrics of “I Know Ur Gay”

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The song reflects the protagonist’s realization of her lover’s unfaithfulness, highlighted by changed behaviors such as the scent of his cologne.

Boy I know you’re gay gay gay

Wonder where I went wrong

For you to change change change

Why you fell out of love

— Lyrics of “I Know Ur Gay”

On the surface, the song could be interpreted as supportive of the LGBTQ+ community, potentially serving as an anthem for those in similar situations. However, fans and netizens argue that the song contains problematic undertones.

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Firstly, the initial warning in the lyrics suggests that the woman is aware of her lover’s homophobic attitudes, yet chooses to overlook them.

Secondly, the song’s narrative thread has been interpreted as indicating that homophobia is a mask for suppressed queer feelings, a trope that some listeners find reinforces harmful stereotypes.

Netizens have also expressed concern that the song implies a connection between homophobia and queer identity, potentially perpetuating the idea that queer individuals are responsible for their own oppression.

Sungyeon, for her part, has stated that the song does not reflect her personal experiences. She has urged fans and critics alike to reserve judgment until the full single is released. Fans have also pointed out that her statement in itself is problematic.

As the full release of Sungyeon’s single nears, the controversy surrounding “I Know Ur Gay” continues to draw attention and ignite fierce debates on different social media platforms, especially among Twitter users.