Former Pristin Member Kyla Massie To Make Solo Debut, Reveals Album Details

She’ll be meeting fans as a singer again!

Former Pristin member Kyla Massie has announced that she will be making her return to music soon!

Ove the last few weeks, Kyla had been dropping hints about a possible release to fans on Twitter, and one day, finally confirmed that she will indeed be putting out music soon!

On May 28, she put up a post on her official Twitter account about the release of her upcoming digital mini-album, announcing the date to be June 12, 2020, but later amended her solo debut release date to June 13, 12 PM EST.

And finally, on June 5, Kyla officially released details about her mini-album! The album is titled Watch Me Glow, with a title track of the same name. The album also contains 5 songs; “Homecoming”, “Watch Me Glow”, “Lost”, “Ooh La La” and “Away”.

Fans are beyond excited to hear that Kyla’s finally back to singing again!


Kyla Massie originally debuted as the maknae and rapper of Pristin in 2017. Following a long hiatus and Pristin’s disbandment in 2019, Kyla remained mostly out of the music scene, focusing on her studies and high school. This mini-album will mark her return to music in almost 3 years, and will also see her greeting fans as a solo artist for the first time.


Are you excited to see her debut soon?