Former “Produce 101” Contestant Leaves Her Agency Just Prior To Debuting

Former Produce 101 contestant, Lee Haein (I.B.I), has left her agency after being diagnosed with a panic disorder and issued this heartfelt letter of apology.

On March 26, Lee Haein updated her Instagram with a lengthy post announcing her departure from her agency, HYWY Entertainment, after having been diagnosed with a panic disorder.

In the post, she explained what had caused her disorder, and also cleared up any rumors that arose after her announcement. For example, the leading rumor was that she had chosen to leave the agency because of discord between herself and fellow trainee, Lee Suhyun.

Below is a translation of her Instagram post:

Hello, this is Lee Haein.
I want to inform everyone about this so that I can put an end to all the malicious comments and misunderstandings, and avoid inconveniencing anyone in our family, including myself and Lee Suhyun.

First of all, the reason I left HYWY Entertainment is that I was diagnosed with a panic disorder and have suffered a lot while experiencing many problems when I was a trainee at SS Entertainment.

After that, it was tough for me to live in a dorm, so I discussed this with our agency’s staff many times. Even though I was meant to start preparing for our group’s debut, my mind and heart were not healthy. The hospital advised that I wasn’t ready to undergo hard training for my debut, and at the time, I was scared that I was a burden to others, and I wasn’t confident that I could overcome this myself, so I informed my agency that I wanted to be removed from the debut team.

The agency was worried about my condition and helped me in various ways, indeed my fellow members and my agency worried for me more than anyone else. They even kept my debut opportunity open for me when I’m recovered and have met all my requests without any conditions. Even after leaving the agency, they worried for me and helped me at the set of the drama-filming that had been pre-scheduled. I want to inform everyone who misunderstood that there were no disputes between us.

It was difficult for the agency to release an official statement about my departure because I left as a trainee, and not as someone who had debuted and was leaving the company. Due to this, we decided not to announce my departure and just live our lives the best we could, but, in our silence, it seemed like rumors and misunderstandings kept arising. Therefore, I felt it was important to right the wrongs later rather than never.

I can’t meet Suhyun because she’s currently preparing for her debut soon, but I still stay in touch with all the members and all our agency’s staff, and they said they’re doing even better than before!
I will also be resting and receiving treatment for 6 months, and I’ve become a lot better than before, so I’ve been discussing my future plans with not just people in the agency but with many others. I plan on sharing some good news before this year ends, so please wait. Suhyun’s team will also be debuting soon and they’re the kindest and nicest friends I’ve ever met, so please show them love!
This being my first ever break in 8 years, I want to thank all my friends and fans who encouraged me not to give up and helped me learn that this is an incredibly important job to me. I’m uploading this statement because I’m really ok now, and I wanted to tell you that you don’t have to worry anymore.

I’m sorry and thank you to my fans and Suhyun, who suffered due to our lack of a statement. From now on, I still strive to only give good news and not worry anyone!

— Lee Haein

Source: Focus News