Former After School leader Kahi reported to be getting married this month in Hawaii

A recent media report has revealed fantastic news from former After School leader Kahi as she is reported to be getting married this month in Hawaii!

According to Ilgan Sports, Kahi (36) will be getting married to Incase Korea CEO Yang Joon Moo (39). Kahi’s agency confirmed the news on March 14th, revealing that they have been dating for a year. Kahi is preparing for her wedding and is said to be very happy and excited for her upcoming wedding. The agency further adds that the two share the same hobbies which have brought them close together.

The wedding will be small one with only family and friends invited. It will take place on March 26th in Hawaii, which will also be the place of their honeymoon.

In regards to her current role on Produce 101, it is being reported that plans for her final recorded episode before she departs to her wedding is being planned.

Source: Ilgan Sports