Former Sechs Kies Member Kang Sunghoon Calls Current Idols “F*cking Ugly”

“There hasn’t been a single handsome idol since TVXQ.”

During an impromptu fan meeting with his fans at a park, former Sechs Kies member Kang Sunghoon was recorded dissing many current idols for their visuals.

In the video, he could be seen sitting on a picnic table, and the first thing he talks about how he personally wanted to get taller, drawing laughter from his fans.

Ah, f*ck, I wish I were a bit taller. Why isn’t there surgery to make someone taller? 8 cm taller sounds good. I would have a lot more confidence if I was 8 cm taller.

— Kang Sunghoon

He was then heard talking about how he thinks idols these days are just plain ugly.

Hey, but you know what? Recently idols look really ugly. When I see them at the salon, they’re so fucking ugly. Their skin is so dirty. They’re so fucking ugly, really. Why are they so ugly?

— Kang Sunghoon

A fan asked him who he was referring to, but Kang Sunghoon just gave a general answer.

How can I point out a specific person. There hasn’t been a single handsome idol since TVXQ.

— Kang Sunghoon

A different fan asked him about BTOB, who Kang Sunghoon and the fans saw at some point prior to the recording of the video (at an unknown date and time).

How could I say it’s them right now? But they are really ugly. If I was making [a group] I would look at their faces and then pick [the members]. Shouldn’t celebrities at least look good? Their skin should be good and they need an aura around them.

— Kang Sunghoon

Watch the video of him saying it below.