Former Sechs Kies Member Kang Sunghoon Now Under Fire For Holding “Beauty Pageants” With His Fans

He evaluated them based on their looks.

Since the news of Kang Sunghoon, a former SECHS KIES member, criticizing the appearances of currently active K-Pop idols broke out, his fans-turned-anti are now exposing his past inappropriate behavior of “evaluating” them based on their looks.


On an online forum, a former member of ILYSH – which is the name of Kang Sunghoon’s personal fan club created shortly after the disbandment of SECHS KIES and later turned into Hoony World – shared that Kang Sunghoon would host “fan club summer camps” where he then held beauty pageant type competitions to find “Miss ILYSH”.

Unrelated photograph to Kang Sunghoon’s beauty competition


The former fan continued to expose that this “Miss ILYSH” would be crowned to a female fan who best represented Kang Sunghoon’s ideal type of woman.

I felt like Kang Sunghoon’s fans are still somewhat loyal to him because no one has exposed this yet.

— Former ILYSH Member


According to this post, the “Miss ILYSH” competition even had preliminary to final “rounds” and fans from all over the country had to compete amongst each other to become the winner – like an actual beauty pageant. The post explained that for each round, Kang Sunghoon would reveal his preference, such as a certain height, a certain weight, or a certain trait, and the contestants who did not fit the description would be eliminated.

I remember the whole thing really well because I participated in the contest too. It was a shameful moment when I was on stage and being evaluated for my looks.

— Former ILYSH Member


This former fan shared that eventually a beautiful female ended up being crowned Miss ILYSH and received winning prizes of a few extra points for the “summer camp score board” along with perks like “a picture with Kang Sunghoon” and “the honor of shaking Kang Sunghoon’s hand”.


Netizens remain shocked after encountering this exposé of how Kang Sunghoon inappropriately treated his most loving and supportive group of fans. In fact, some of these “fans” are declaring to quit supporting the idol in light of his most recent controversies.

Source: THEQOO