Former Seo Taiji And Boys Member Lee Juno Sentenced To Prison For Fraud And Sexual Harassment

Lee Juno was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months imprisonment for fraud and sexual molestation.

His acquaintances, Mr. A and Mr. B, loaned him 65 million KRW ($56,726 USD) for his business, but he failed to pay them back.

In addition, Lee Juno was accused of sexually molesting two women at a club in Seoul; thus, recently faced trial for both crimes.

Image Source: VOP

After the trial, Lee Juno told news reporters that he was falsely accused of sexual molestation.

Image Source: Hankyung

“I don’t accept the charges of sexual molestation because I didn’t do it.”

— Lee Juno

He added that he’ll be talking with his legal representative to file an appeal against the sexual molestation charges.

“To be honest, I feel that there were many injustices in regards to my sexual molestation charges. I’ll be talking with my lawyer and filing an appeal immediately. I’m sorry this is all I can say.”

— Lee Juno

Lee Juno was given a 1 year and 6-month prison sentence, 40 hours of classes for treatment against sexual violence.

He was also given a chance for a settlement with the plaintiffs, and thus will not be receiving an arrest warrant.

Source: SE Daily