Former SISTAR Member Hyolyn Responds To Accusations of Bullying In Middle School

The accuser states the bullying occurred 15 years ago

Recently, a South Korean netizen, claiming to be from the same middle school as former SISTAR member Hyolyn, has accused the singer of bullying.

The netizen stated that they while they were attending the same school as Hyolyn, they were constantly bullied by her. The accuser also claimed that Hyolyn had harassed her friend as well.

I was repeatedly robbed of my clothes and cash and I was assaulted at the playground of my apartment for all sorts of reasons. My friend was once called to a karaoke room and even got hit on the head by a mic.

The netizen contended that the bullying was so draining that it almost drove her to become suicidal.

I wanted to have a car accident because I had to be the target of Hyolyn’s anger on the way to school

Since then, 15 years had passed, but the netizen claimed that she could not forget her terrible memories and even messaged Hyolyn on Instagram, demanding an apology although she did not receive a reply.

Given the severe nature and consequences of school bullying in South Korea, these accusations have created a generated much discussion regarding whether these accusations are true or not.

Since then, Hyolyn’s music label Bridge has released a statement on behalf of the singer.

Hyolyn herself claims that she doesn’t clearly remember as the incident happened 15 years ago, we’re currently still looking into it.

Additionally, her representatives stated that Hyolyn has asked to meet with the accuser in person to have a one-on-one conversation regarding their assertions.

Hyolyn is planning to meet the claimed victim in person to solve the problem.

Meanwhile, most netizens have agreed to reserve their judgements until they hear from both sides.

These accusations follow multiple other charges of school bullying of idols and trainees this year.