Former SISTAR Member Soyou Opens Up About Her Relationships, And Clarifies Her Current Dating Life

She talked about her past!

Throughout her long career, former SISTAR member Soyou has been known for all of her hit love songs! Known as the queen of collaborations, she has many bops, such as “Some”…

…”Officially Missing You, Too”…

…and “Stupid In Love”!

Soyou and Mad Clown | Starship Entertainment

Recently, Soyou released a video on her Youtube channel, where she read her Namuwiki page, and made corrections to the information provided on the website! During this video, she talked about the time she released many collaboration songs, and also touched upon her current dating life as well!


Soyou played a game with her staff, where she was given options, and then she had to pick her favorite from all of her successful collaboration songs!

After a few rounds of the game, Soyou’s final pick ended up being “Stupid In Love”! She revealed that even though she loves the song, the song also has bitter memories for her, as she promoted the love song immediately after a rough break up!

There were many times that I teared up while singing that song. I’m already 32 so I can talk about my past relationships. Back then, I had just broken up with my ex. So that song really reminded me of him. I cried during the recording.


She then clarified to her staff and fans that while she dated in the past, she’s currently not in a relationship now!

I’m a human being so of course, I was in a relationship! I’m not right now though!


Watch her talk about it here!

Soyou also made her solo comeback recently! She released her mini-album Day&Night and accompanying title track “Business” ft. Be’O. Listen to it here!