[★BREAKING] Former South Korean President Park Geun Hye has been arrested

Park Geun Hye was just arrested for her role in the corruption scandal that led to her impeachment.

Prosecutors filed for an arrest warrant for Park Geun Hye on March 27 and after 9 hours of deliberation, the Seoul Central District Court approved the warrant, leading to her arrest today. She will now be in a prison cell just 3 weeks after her removal from office.

Park Geun Hye is wanted on charges of bribery, abuse of authority, coercion, and leaking government secrets. She is suspected of leaking government secrets to long-time friend Choi Soon Shil and forcing Korean conglomerates to donate tens of billions of Won to Choi Soon Shil’s companies Mir Foundation and K-Sports Foundation. Park Geun Hye has denied any wrongdoing.

Prosecutors now have 20 days to formally indict Park Geun Hye, saying that her arrest was vital in progressing with the investigation. They believed that she would destroy incriminating evidence against her if she was left at her home.

Source: Wall Street Journal and Yonhap