Former SPICA Members Kim Boa And Kim Bohyung To Debut As A Duo Together

The former members are forming a duo together!

2 former SPICA members are re-debuting as a duo!

On February 10, Kim Boa and Kim Bohyung both uploaded pictures of the two together on their respective Instagrams. In Boa’s uploads, the two are dressed in matching denim outfits and in Bohyung’s upload, they are dressed in matching black outfits.

Through the captions, they revealed that the two will be forming a duo, and will be promoting under the name KEEMBO (a play on their name, as both their surnames are Kim and their names start with “Bo”).

They also opened an official Instagram as a group, and asked fans to give them lots of love.

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얘들아 울어도 돼 맘껏 소리쳐!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guys, its okay to cry. Shout as much as you want!!!!!!


SPICA debuted in 2012 under B2M Entertainment, with the mini album Russian Roulette and a title track of the same name. During her time as SPICA, Bohyung also participated in and emerged as the winner of the show Girl Spirit, a singing competition aimed at having the main vocalists of girl groups that have not had their breakthrough yet, compete against each other. SPICA ultimately disbanded in 2017.

Are you excited to see Kim Boa and Kim Bohyung return?