Former Super Junior member Hangeng thanks Lee Soo Man at recent award show

At a recently held music award event in China, former Super Junior member Hangeng publicly thanked the SM Entertainment founder while accepting an award.

On April 9th, the 16th Top Chinese Music Awards were held where Hangeng (Korean stage name Hankyung) accepted the award “Best Male Singer.”

Following his thanks to both his fans and the staff, the currently active Chinese star continued, “I’m especially grateful towards Lee Soo Man. He’s the reason I am on stage, he lead the way of my becoming a singer. Without Lee Soo Man, I wouldn’t have stand on this stage as a singer. I’d like to convey my gratitude to Lee Soo Man,” bowing at the waist.

Hangeng first made his debut in 2005 in South Korea as part of Super Junior under SM Entertainment before filing a lawsuit against the agency to nullify his contract in 2009. He has since then been actively working in China as both an actor and artist, successfully.

Source: TV Report