Former T-ARA Member Areum Reveals Hyoyoung Apologized To Her Personally

Areum revealed that nothing was as it seemed.

Former T-ARA member Areum revealed that not everything about the “T-ARA Bullying Scandal” was what it seemed.

Early in 2017, one of T-ARA’s staff members leaked screenshot of Hyoyoung violently threatening Areum. The case referred back to the 2012 “T-ARA Bullying Scandal”, where Hyoyoung’s twin sister Hwayoung ultimately left T-ARA after the conflict between the girls were blown out of proportion.

Areum next to T-ARA’s Jiyeon during their promotions.

But Areum revealed in a recent interview that she and the twin sisters aren’t on bad terms at all! In fact, Hyoyoung had apologized to Areum right after their text conversation.

“It’s true that Hyoyoung sent me the threatening messages.

But after I left the group, she personally contacted me first. She personally apologized and explained that she was very worried for me and that she was sorry.”

— Areum

She explained that the situation was blown out of proportion.

It was supposedly just a little fight between friends that was shown under the wrong light.

“Even though her words were honestly very harsh, I think she was probably very angry at the time and expressed her frustration in the wrong way.

I’ve already accepted her apology and I don’t even really remember how I felt at the time.

If I think back on it now, it was just a ridiculous situation that I can laugh about.”

— Areum

According to Areum, Hyoyoung and Hwayoung were actually a big source of strength during her time with T-ARA.

“Truth be told… Hwayoung, who also joined T-ARA late like me, took care of me very well.

I was upset that Hwayoung, Hyoyoung, and my relationship were receiving so much hate.

If you think about it, they’re two of the people I’m most grateful for.”

— Areum

She concluded the interview by letting bygones be bygones and only hope for positive vibes in the future.

Much like how she enjoys life these days thanks to her dependable boyfriend, Lee Seung Jae.

“I’m really okay now. I’ve put it all past me.

I only wish good things will happen for us from now on.”

— Areum

Source: Star News