Former T-ara Member Han Ahreum Reveals She Is Pregnant

She’s pregnant!

Former T-ara member Han Ahreum revealed through an interview that she recently became pregnant and has changed her wedding date because of it.

Her wedding was originally planned to be on February 9, 2020, but due to her pregnancy and dealing with issues such as morning sickness and prenatal care, she has decided to move up the wedding so she can be in good condition for both the wedding and taking care of her baby.

She commented on how she discovered she was pregnant.

I found out I was pregnant while making preparations for the wedding. I wanted everything to be pretty and perfect because it is my first wedding, but now we have to make preparations quickly. But even still, I am just as happy to become a mother.

— Han Ahreum

The wedding will be officiated by the fiance’s uncle, and the congratulatory songs will be sung by fellow The Unit contestant Kang Minhee and Han Ahreum’s vocal trainer. Following the wedding, they will go on their honeymoon in Jeju Island. They chose a destination close by to make sure she can still receive prenatal care.

She also commented on what type of mother and wife she wishes to be in the future.

I want to be a wife who gives a warm hug, not criticism after coming home from a long and difficult day at work. I want to be a mother who asks ‘How was your day today’ every day, provide infinite love, play without restrictions, and never let them be lonely.

— Han Ahreum

Han Ahreum’s fiance is a 27 year old non celebrity only identified as “Kim”. They met for the first time through a mutual friend, and started their relationship. Kim even cancelled his plans to study abroad in the Philippines and United States to stay in Korea with her.

She also posted a letter to her fans on Instagram, announcing the news and asking for everyone’s love and support.

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Source: TV Report