Former T-ARA Member Soyeon To Make Solo Debut After 11 Years

Who’s excited for her solo comeback?

Former T-ARA member Soyeon will be making a solo debut!

| Think Entertainment

Media outlets have reported that she will be trying hard to release her album sometime this October and is currently busy recording for the album.

This is the first time she will be promoting solo since her debut with T-ARA in 2009. During her time as a member of T-ARA, she held the title of main vocalist and was praised for her vocals. Long-time fans are curious to see what type of music and concept she will be releasing for this debut.

After leaving T-ARA in 2017, she spent around three years stopping all entertainment activities and focused on her personal life. She recently signed with Think Entertainment as she prepares to make a return to the industry.

She has also made appearances on various TV shows including MBC’s Masked Singer, Radio Star, and Video Star, and updated the public about her time away from the spotlight.

| @melodysoyani/Instagram

Stay tuned this October as she slowly gears up for her first solo debut!

Source: joy24