Former TARA Member Areum Confesses She Suffered Trauma After Losing 11kg in 3 Weeks

The constant pressure to look beautiful could drive someone to suffer immensely, and this is just what happened to Areum.

KBS’s idol reboot program The Unit contestant Han Areum has lost 11kg since the beginning of the show, but she had to seek psychological help while on her strict diet.

On the latest episode of The Unit, mentor Jo Hyuna visited the residence where Areum was staying.

While she was there, Areum revealed that she had lost about 11 kg since the beginning of the show only three weeks ago.

Areum confessed that she seeks regular professional counseling in order to deal with the immense psychological strain associated with weight-loss and fitting into narrowly defined beauty standards.

She also revealed that at the height of her peak weight, she weighed about 73 kg, and revealed that it was a tremendous mental challenge for her to lose all that weight.

Jo Hyuna lauded Areum for her relentless effort and determination and advised her not to force herself to be happy but, instead, to accept her emotions as they come.

Areum does look visible thinner now than she did at the beginning of the show, but her fans love her no matter what and just hope that she stays healthy.

Source: Instiz