Former Third-Generation Idol Goes Viral After Confessing She’s Facing Financial Hardship — Netizens Express Skepticism

“She claims she is facing financial hardship, yet she’s going to Guam and shopping at Miu Miu..”

Former DIA member Somyi is going viral after she confessed she was facing financial hardship during her appearance on a variety show.

Somyi | @somsom_o0o/Instagram

On March 28, Somyi was a guest on Attack On Unnies (translated title of 진격의 언니들), a show in which guests seek advice and speak about their struggles. In the episode, the former idol, who is now a streamer on an adult platform, spoke about her struggles.

Somyi (left) and Park Mi Sun (Right) | Channel S

According to the former idol, before becoming a streamer, she worked as a model for an online clothing store and an employee at a cafe but decided to become a streamer on an adult platform so she can make more money. The former idol shocked the show’s hosts when she revealed that she was taking care of her parents, who were struggling financially, and that she had even taken on debt to do so.

Somyi also spoke about her future goals. In the episode, Somyi stated that she’d like to become a florist or work in a field where she can exercise, and she eventually became emotional while talking about how she just wanted to have normal dreams and goals. To this, host Park Mi Sun tried consoling the former idol before she, too, became emotional.

I have seen too many of my celebrity donsengs live like this. I shouldn’t cry, but it makes me sad…

— Park Mi Sun

Park Mi Sun then advised the idol, “Don’t read the malicious comments, and your parents need to know you’re struggling.” Park Mi Sun stated Somyi’s situation was especially sad to her as the former idol is her celebrity hoobae.

Netizens, however, had a vastly different reaction to the former idol’s struggles. Many stated that they couldn’t sympathize with the former idol as she was the one who chose to be an adult streamer.

| theqoo
  • “If she chose to be a fully clothed game streamer on Twitch, she wouldn’t have been criticized to this extent.”
  • “Work as a food delivery driver or get a part-time job, you’re so young, and there are still so many things you can do.”
  • “She claims she is facing financial hardship, yet she’s going to Guam and (shopping at) Miu Miu.”
  • “You’re a (streamer on an adult platform) because you don’t want to do real work but make a lot of money. WTF  LOL.”
  • “(She’s facing) financial hardship, yet she’s going on trips overseas…”
  • “People don’t take their clothes off (on the internet) because they are facing financial hardship. She’s trying to justify stripping by saying she’s facing financial hardship, but she shouldn’t have crossed the line. I know you’re struggling, but why are you crying after choosing the easiest way out? At the very least, you shouldn’t cry.”
  • “To be honest, don’t celebrities who fail become streamers because they don’t want a real job but make easy money? There are so many ways to make money in this world, but they are using their fame to become streamers.”
  • “Everyone else in their 20s works hard to make their money ^^;;.”

Somyi originally debuted with DIA in 2017 before exiting the group in 2022. The idol shocked fans when it was revealed that she had become a streamer on an adult streaming platform.


Source: theqoo