Former Third-Generation Idol Uploads Selfie Of Herself Smoking — Snaps Back At Fan’s Criticism

“Don’t worry if I smoke or not…”

Former DIA member Somyi is going viral for her comment aimed at a netizen criticizing her for smoking.

Somyi | MBK Entertainment

On February 27, the former idol uploaded a selfie of herself smoking a cigarette.

One fan commented, “Cigarettes… I’m getting tired of this Som unnie.” Somyi then responded to the fan coldly stating that it was none of her business.

Don’t worry if I smoke or not.

— Somyi

The fan then replied that she had commented because the former idol had changed.

  • Fan: “Cigarettes… I’m getting tired of this Som unnie.”
  • Somyi: “Don’t worry if I smoke or not.”
  • Fan: “It’s just I feel like you’ve changed alot from who you were in the past.”

Somyi debuted in 2017 with DIA. The idol left the group in January of 2022 citing health reasons. The former idol has since transitioned to become a streamer.

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Source: wikitree