Former BigHit Trainee Shares A Touching Story About BTS’s Jin, And It Has Us Soft

Jin really is the sweetest!

Over the years, several people have come forward and praised BTS for their personalities. Recently, a former BigHit trainee who used revealed a touching story about Jin, which really just proves that, despite their worldwide fame, they are still as humble as ever.

BTS’s Jin |  

In the video, Seunghyun explained that she used to train with Jin when she was a trainee, and after the group got famous, she once saw Jin at a subway station. But, because she thought they were too famous, she thought it would be better to walk past because she thought Jin would find it weird.

She then explained that, as she was about to get out, Jin called out her name, saying, “Seunghyun-ah!” which shocked her!

After he said hi, Seunghyun then explained how she said to Jin that she wasn’t going to say hi because she thought he was doing so well. As expected, Jin was so sweet about it, adding, “There is no such thing,” before asking how she had been!

Although it might have been a small gesture, she explained how much it meant to her because, although he is famous, he still went out of his way to greet her first.

It shows that the members of BTS are still as humble and friendly as always. You can watch the whole clip below.

Source: @sowoojoo613 and FI