Former TVXQ!’s Jaejoong Returns After A 14-Year Absence From TV Following Legal Battle With SM

Many fans believe he was “blacklisted” by his former label.

It’s a comeback that fans have been waiting for more than a decade. Kim Jaejoong, one of South Korea’s top stars, is set to grace the MBC airwaves once more after a staggering 14-year absence from its programs.

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The upcoming Idol Radio Concert broadcast promises to be one for the history books as Jaejoong steps onto the MBC stage, a significant moment that takes us back to the tumultuous lawsuit with his former agency, SM Entertainment.

For those unacquainted with the history, Jaejoong was a pivotal member of the mega-popular boy group TVXQ. This changed when he filed an injunction in 2009 alongside members Yoochun and Junsu to suspend their exclusive contract with SM Entertainment.

| SM Entertainment

Although the court ruled in favor of a partial suspension later that year, the repercussions of this legal battle reverberated through the industry. The lawsuit finally concluded in 2012, marking a new beginning for the trio as they formed a new group: JYJ.

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However, the shadow of their past struggles seemed to linger. While they continued to make waves in the music industry, their presence on TV entertainment programs became conspicuously scarce. Despite their immense talent and popularity, the doors to major broadcasting networks seemed firmly shut, leading many fans to believe that an unspoken “blacklisting” was at play.

Interestingly, Jaejoong managed to venture into the world of K-Dramas with significant roles in Doctor Jin and Triangle. Yet, his appearances in entertainment programs produced by major TV channels remained limited.

Jaejoong in “Triangle” | MBC

The upcoming Idol Radio Concert in Seoul show, which will be aired through MBC and its affiliates, therefore, marks a significant milestone. To be held at the iconic Seoul World Cup Stadium, this concert will not only be aired on MBC’s main channel but is also set to be broadcast on affiliate channels like MBC Every1.

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Jaejoong is in stellar company, with notable names such as Apink, Lee Seungyoon, Oh My Girl, DAY6‘s Young K, iKON, ONF, ATEEZ, and NMIXX also set to perform.

This milestone for Jaejoong comes shortly after a subtle gesture that started this shift for his career. Earlier this year, Jaejoong’s newly co-founded agency Encode, received a congratulatory wreath from none other than SM during its inauguration. The gesture, initiated by vice president Roh Hyun Tae (a former SM associate), was perhaps a nod towards reconciliation, hinting at a softening of past tensions.

SM Entertainment’s celebratory wreath at Jaejoong’s company launch event. | @YoonJaeLoveBar/Twitter

While fans eagerly anticipate Jaejoong’s return, this moment is not just about a singular performance. It’s proof of the resilience and perseverance of artists who — despite facing industry challenges — continue to shine and remain true to their craft.

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