Who Is She? A Former “Ulzzang” Star Is Under Investigation For Being Involved In Actor Lee Sun Kyun’s Drug Case

She was a variety show star.

It was recently revealed that actor Lee Sun Kyun was suspected of illegal drug use. Following his drug use news, a Korean songwriter is also under investigation by the police in connection with the actor’s drug abuse case.

Actor Lee Sun Kyun | @hoduent/Instagram

It was also revealed that Lee Sun Kyun had taken illegal drugs at the house of a “Tenpro” escort. On October 24, Edaily reported that the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s narcotics investigation unit is conducting an internal investigation into suspicions of drug abuse by Jung Da Eun, a composer in her 30s.

Jung Da Eun | @cvors/Instagram

Jung Da Eun and two others are among the eight individuals under investigation for similar allegations as Lee Sun Kyun.

The police are conducting investigations into Hwang Hana (35), a third-generation chaebol, entertainer Han Seo Hee (28), and composer Jung Da Eun (31) for drug use, following the investigation of Lee Sun Kyun for drug allegations.

— Edaily report

Last month, while verifying a tip from an informant that drugs were being circulated at an entertainment establishment in Gangnam, Seoul, the police obtained clues related to both Lee Sun Kyun and Jung Da Eun. However, the specific drug-related allegations against Jung Da Eun and others have yet to be confirmed.

Jung Da Eun gained national fame in 2009 when she appeared on SBS‘s reality talent show Star King for resembling actor Kang Dong Won. At the time, she was known for being “a woman who was more handsome than a man.”

Jung Da Eun on “Star King” in 2009 | SBS

In 2012, she also became well-known by appearing on a variety show called Ulzzang Generation.

Jung Da Eun on “Ulzzang Generation” | ComedyTV

Since then, she has been active as an EDM composer. She used the pseudonym Lee Tae Gyun, but she still goes by Jung Da Eun. It was reported that she got testosterone injections twice, and she identifies as a woman.

| @cvors/Instagram

Later, she faced consecutive prison sentences in 2016 and 2021 for drug use allegations and served time in prison.

In 2019, she publicly announced her romantic relationship with Han Seo Hee, the aspiring singer also involved in the Lee Sun Kyun drug case. The two reportedly broke up afterward.

Han Seo Hee (left) and Jung Da Eun (right) | @cvors/Instagram

Han Seo Hee’s past statements about being a worker at a “Tenpro” establishment recently resurfaced amidst Lee Sun Kyun’s drug case.

Infamous Ex-Trainee’s Past As “Tenpro” Escort Resurfaces Amid Lee Sun Kyun’s Drug Investigation

The investigations are ongoing, and further details about the extent of involvement and specific allegations against these individuals will likely emerge as the police proceed with their inquiries.

Source: Sports Chosun, Wikitree and Korea News
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