Former Wanna One’s Kim Jaehwan Reveals Their Group’s Disbandment Was His Greatest Hardship— Here’s Why And How He Dealt With It

It hit him hard, but he was able to learn from the experience.

Kim Jaehwan from former Wanna One sat down with Eric Nam on K-Pop Daebak to talk about his experiences in Wanna One and how he dealt with the greatest hardship of his life: Wanna One’s disbandment and the release of his first solo album.

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He shared how hopeless he felt to see himself and his music drop when it came to good results.

I felt like everything I built was slowly crumbling down.

—Kim Jaehwan

He revealed that he couldn’t relax during performances or even during every day activities like meeting people. But through this experience he “learned how to lower himself,” and “became more comfortable and started to enjoy music more.

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Because of this, he was able to change a lot for his new album.

His third mini album Change is out now!

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