Former Wanna One Member Kim Jaehwan Addresses Bae Jinyoung’s Alleged Mistreatment In “Ambiguous” Post

Netizens were confused by the idol’s post.

Former Wanna One member Kim Jaehwan‘s ambiguous post addressing his fellow former Wanna One member Bae Jinyoung‘s alleged mistreatment has netizens confused.

Kim Jaehwan |

Recently, netizens have alleged that CIX members and some of its fans have mistreated former Wanna One and current CIX member Bae Jinyoung.

Bae Jinyoung |

The allegations started when a viral clip showed fans interrupting Bae Jinyoung during his speech at a recent CIX concert. In the clip, fans can be seen shouting the names of other members while Bae Jinyoung is talking. Eventually, the idol gives up and stops talking.

The allegations grew louder when a netizen then uploaded a series of clips of fans throwing items at the idol during his concert.

It’s so funny how, despite the fact that (CIX) is continuously on tour overseas, only one member keeps getting hit with items.

— @jilal65982637/Twitter

The netizen also uploaded a clip of CIX’s leader BX referring to Bae Jinyoung as a “meat shield,” which caused netizens to criticize the idol.

This fool who calls himself a leader of the same group is acting like a fool talking about a ‘meat shield,’ LOL. He never apologized,  and even then, Bae Jinyoung’s fans were told they were doing too much, right?

— @jilal65982637/Twitter

Then on February 3, former Wanna One member Kim Jaehwan uploaded a post to his Instagram story. In the story, the idol uploads a picture of a YouTube video addressing the allegations of CIX and its fans mistreating Bae Jinyoung. Kim Jaehwan then seemingly responds to the article with an emoticon of someone contemplating.

Kim Jaehwan’s post responding to allegations that Bae Jinyoung is being mistreated |

Netizens were confused by the emoticon. Some netizens alleged that it was Kim Jaehwan coming to the defense of Bae Jinyoung, while others stated it seemed like Kim Jaehwan was questioning the allegations levied against CIX and its fans.

  • “????”
  • “It seems like he uploaded that because he was upset.”
  • “I think he did this because he was upset no members came to Bae Jinyoung’s aid when he was hit with a bottle.”
  • “Whether he’s upset or not. It’s not like he’s being clear in his intentions. If he just responds with that, Kim Jaehwan’s followers will just move on thinking, ‘Bae Jinyoung is bullied?…'”
  • “He has every right to respond, but I’m a little iffy because I’m not sure what he means by that emoticon.”
  • “I mean, I’m sure he’s really close with Bae Jinyoung, but (posting) this here?… hm… I’m sure they spoke.”
  • “The emoticon is ambiguous. I think people will have split opinions (on his intentions).”

What do you think Kim Jaehwan meant by his emoticon?

Source: theqoo