Former WA$$UP (WASSUP) Member Jiae Has Come Out As Bisexual

“I love man and.. women.”

Jiae pictured far right | Source: 와사비콘텐츠

Former WA$$UP (also known as WASSUP or Wassup) member Jiae posted to her Instagram Stories with a statement coming out as bisexual. In it, she said, “I love man and women. Can you understand?

Source: imgur and @ji.aee/Instagram

In a second post, she also shares that she has a girlfriend and is very happy.

Source: imgur and @ji.aee/Instagram

While it must have been a difficult decision for Jiae to come out, we’re proud of her for doing so and support her happiness! Fans have also been flocking to social media and other networking platforms to express their love and support for her.