Former Wonder Girls member Sunye pregnant with her second child!

A new addition is on its way to Sunye‘s family as reports reveals she is pregnant with her second child!

On September 9th, an aide of Sunye told TV Report“Sunye is currently pregnant with her second child.” This is her second child after giving birth to her first child and daughter two years ago.

It is said that Sunye is far enough into her pregnancy that she is suffering from morning sickness. In addition, Sunye is currently spending time with her family in Gyeonggi-do.

Sunye was the first Wonder Girls member to get married, tying the knot with her boyfriend of 2-years James Park in January 2013 before giving birth to their first daughter and child in October 2013.

Since getting married, Sunye has been on hiatus from Wonder Girls before confirming her official leave from the group along with Sohee in July 2015. However, even with her leave from Wonder Girls, both Sunye and her daughter have continued to cheer on her former girl group which she shared on her Twitter account.

Congratulations to Sunye on her upcoming addition to the family!

Source: TV Report