Former Wonder Girls Member Yubin Shares How “Replacing” HyunA Took A Toll On Her Confidence

Yubin joined Wonder Girls after HyunA left the group in 2007.

Former Wonder Girls member, Yubin recently spoke on the YouTube channel, 15 Minutes That Change The World, where she opened up about the story behind her debut with Wonder Girls.


Before Yubin joined Wonder Girls, she was preparing to debut with Secret‘s Jun Hyoseong, Uee, and Spica‘s Yang Jiwon. And when it didn’t work out due to the financial troubles of their agency, Yubin became a Wonder Girls member.

But Yubin confessed that she was compared to HyunA, who had left just before she joined the group. And it was both good and bad.

The member that was there before I joined was so charming and talented that it was good when I first joined the group, but as time went on, I kept comparing myself to her. As a result, my self-confidence dropped so I had to work on building myself up.

— Yubin


After joining Wonder Girls in 2007 following HyunA’s withdrawal, Yubin worked extra hard to live up to the member she “replaced.”

I was a rapper, but I worked hard to dance, sing, and I even got acting lessons.

— Yubin

And 13 years after joining JYP, Yubin left the company to establish her own agency, which Yubin regretted at first.

I regretted it at first because I wondered if I did something that was too much for me to handle. But when I look back at it, you need those moments of regret. I think that regret becomes experience that prevents you from making mistakes in the future.

— Yubin

But she has learned to look on the bright side.

It’s good to backtrack a little. As a result of my past experiences, I feel like I can try new things confidently. I don’t want to regret it in the moment.

— Yubin

Her final words of advice for others?

Don’t get swayed by what other people say. You have to have fun to be happy. Trust yourself.

— Yubin

Source: Insight