Sophia is a Korean immigrant living in Canada who reconnected to her cultural roots via K-Pop. Her love of groups like 2PM and BIGBANG (among many others) kickstarted a nearly 15-year love affair with the genre and an appreciation for K-R&B artists like Crush, Zion T., Dean, and more. Now, Sophia writes news and entertainment pieces about Korean culture, helping to pass on her love and knowledge of the growing phenomenon. Through her work, she also hopes to facilitate K-Pop’s tendency to bring diverse fans together as it did for her.
Singer Jo Young Nam Admits He Regrets Cheating On Youn Yuh Jung Which Led To Their Divorce
He’s quietly supporting her from the sidelines.
Kang Ha Neul Is So Nice, He Practically Thanked The Guy That Hacked His Account
The hacker spammed Kang Ha Neul’s account with adult ads.
Brave Girls Reveal What They Plan To Do With Their Very First Paycheck
They still haven’t received their first pay.
Girls’ Generation Yuri Tearfully Reveals She Was The Only Family Member Unaware Of Her Mother’s Breast Cancer
She still feels guilty to this day.
AKMU’s Chanhyuk Says He Can’t Make Original Songs Like “Is It Ramen” Anymore — Here’s Why Not
AKMU was initially famous for their catchy songs like “Is It Ramen”, “Don’t Cross Your Legs”, and “You Are Attractive”.
Super Junior’s Heechul Claims His Bronchial Tubes Are Destroyed From Smoking During His School Days
He can’t eat hot ramen anymore as a result.
Brave Girls Confess They Performed As Backup Dancers At 2017’s “Seoul Music Awards”
They did it to make a living.
Yuri Opens Up About The Burden Of Being An Actress As A Girls’ Generation Member
She once felt weighed down by the title.
2PM’s Wooyoung Describes Just How Poor He Was When “Heartbeat” Hit Number 1
“Heartbeat” was 2PM’s very first music broadcast win.
Key Reveals How He Got SHINee’s Legendary Song “View” To Use Jonghyun’s Lyrics
The lyrics were not originally written by Jonghyun.