Former YG Entertainment Trainee Who Dormed With BLACKPINK’s Lisa “Exposes” What The Members Are Really Like

The former idol shared her experiences.

Former YG Entertainment trainee Heo Yoo Jung (also known as Yujeong) revealed what BLACKPINK members were really like before their debut.

Heo Yoo Jung | @yuding92/Instagram

Recently, the former trainee made an appearance on a YouTube program. During the episode, Heo Yoo Jung revealed what she had been up to since retiring from the music industry.

The idol, who formerly trained with BLACKPINK members before their debut, had nothing but good things to say about the members. She revealed that the members were very kind and spoke about how much they had improved.

I shared a dorm with the members, and they were so kind. I took lessons with Jisoo. Her face looks the same in her recently released album, but her skills have improved a lot. She had always been pretty. I am glad to see her doing so well.

— Heo Yoo Jung

The trainee then revealed that Lisa is the best woman dancer she had ever met and shared the nice things Lisa would do for her fellow trainees.

While I was a trainee, I learned how to dance in New York, but Lisa is the best woman dancer I have ever seen. Whenever she would return from Thailand, she would cook for us. All of the members are pretty, and they are so kind. Although I didn’t act like I knew them to other people, in my heart, I have always been rooting for them.

— Heo Yoo Jung

Heo Yoo Jung trained at YG Entertainment for a long time but unfortunately never got to debut with the label. After leaving the company, she debuted in the 2014 group Bob Girls, but the group disbanded just 8 months after.

The idol has since graduated from college and is attending graduate school while also working as a director for a gallery.

Check out the former idol’s full video in the link below.


Source: wikitree
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