Former YG Entertainment Trainee Reveals Why She Left The Company Before Debuting

She shared her experiences as a YG trainee.

Singer MAYDONI, who used to be a YG Entertainment trainee, revealed on a recent YouTube video why she chose to leave the agency.

On April 26, 2019, MAYDONI uploaded a video that was titled “I thought they were family but this is why I quit YG.”

She began to explain that the way the YG staff treated her began to change after more wealthy trainees began joining the agency and offering “small” gifts.

The company staff or the manager oppas and uhnnis behavior began to change starting one day. Friends that were more well-off began joining (the company) too. I was one of the earliest female trainees so the employees used to take good care of me but I saw them change little by little. I didn’t know because trainees don’t give each other things, but I later found out that they would bring expensive aged wine that their father brought from abroad or other expensive gifts and give them to the staff members.


She explained that ever since receiving those gifts, the staff members’ behavior began to change.

They (wealthy trainees) probably gave more attention to the teachers. After that, the staff members and teachers’ behavior towards those trainees changed completely. The interests of the company staff began to shift.


She also explained that there is a strict hierarchy system among the trainees. Those who join the company later must bow and say greetings to those who joined the company earlier, regardless of age.

Among the trainees, there are sunbaes (seniors) and hoobaes (juniors). Regardless of age, it’s strict. The order of who says greeting first depends on who came first.


But there was one new trainee who she says never greeted her despite the fact that she joined far later than MAYDONI. To be more friendly, MAYDONI said she went ahead and greeted her first but was later advised by the president to approach the new trainee.

Since I joined in the early days, all the trainees who came after me are obviously my hoobaes. But one hoobae kept avoiding greetings. But I wanted to be friendly so I said greetings first. But one day, the president came to me and said, ‘Why don’t you go greet (the new trainee) first?’


MAYDONI explained to the president that she already tried greeting the new trainee more than 3 times but that she was ignored each time. The president’s response was, “It’ll probably be really good for you to become friends with that trainee.”

I told the president that I tried greeting 3 times but (the new trainee) ignored me. When I told him that (the new trainee) didn’t seem to want to be my friend, he said, ‘It’ll probably be really good for you to become friends with that trainee. The trainee seemed to be avoiding me. So actually we weren’t very close and I don’t remember much about the trainee. I tried to be friendly because of the president’s suggestion. But I began to feel weird about it.


In the video, she focused on the discrimination of trainees that existed within YG Entertainment that depended on their wealth and explained how she completely lost all her confidence after being discriminated in such a way. Watch the full video below:

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