Former ZE:A Member Hwang Kwanghee To Enlist On March 13

Official reports have confirmed Hwang Kwanghee’s enlistment date and official placement after his basic military training is complete.

On February 24, a report detailing Kwanghee’s upcoming enlistment was released. After his 5 weeks of basic military training at the Nonsan Army Training Center in Chungcheong, Kwanghee will then join the military’s music department he had applied to join.

Kwanghee is still a fixed member on MBC‘s Infinity Challenge and one broadcasting official talked about how Kwanghee would finish up his time on the show.

“Kwanghee will remain as a fixed member of the show and will participate in each of the filmings right until his enlistment date.”

Broadcast Official

The former ZE:A member has left Star Empire and, before signing with BONBOO Entertainment, mentioned that he would like to join one of the Big 3 companies.

Source: Yonhap