Popular Video Game “Fortnite” Is Bringing K-Pop To The Game

Even if you don’t play the game, you will want to now!

The popular online game Fortnite is getting ready to add a little bit of K-Pop to the game. Recently, three character emotes were leaked on Twitter and they are as epic as you would expect!


The first emote will be instantly recognizable to ONCEs!


The intense wing flapping can only be TWICE Dahyun‘s famous eagle dance!


On the other hand, the second dance may not only apply to K-Pop but it definitely can be linked back to a couple of idols.


Like maybe GOT7‘s DabDab…I mean BamBam!


Finally, we get an interesting dance combination that they’re calling “True Heart.” While it may not be immediately clear what the dance is, it probably looks very familiar.


The familiarity might be because it’s a mashup of AOA, MOMOLAND, and BLACKPINK dances!


Whether you play the game or not you have to admit that these dances are pretty epic!