A Fortune-Teller Specialist Reveals Jessi’s Fortune On Her Show

He revealed what he thinks her fortune is like!

Jessi recently got her fortune told, and it definitely had her intrigued!

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On the latest episode of Jessi’s Showterview, she invited scholar Kang Heon as a guest, and he gave some insight into what he believes Jessi’s fortune will be like in the future!

He revealed that Jessi’s fortune will get better with age, and will be great especially in her latter years!

“Jessi’s fortune gets even better and better with age. Her latter years are great.

To paraphrase it, before climbing Mount Everest, she climbed a hill and drank some mineral water. Meaning, you just saw a cloud; her fortune is like looking forward to seeing something more show up after the clouds are gone.

—Kang Heon

He then revealed gave more insight about her fortune, saying that her fortune for the last year, next year and the present year aren’t too great, and suggested some points for her to look out for!

Jessi’s fortune for last year, this year, and the next year, it’s hard to say they’re great. Instead, in order to maintain this energy, I suggest a few points for Jessi to be careful with!

—Kang Heon

He then listed down two things; the first one was men and how she could be careful while beginning romantic relationships.

All sorts of guys will flirt with a woman who’s capable and attractive, right? Try not to show your feelings first to guys, but rather keep your distance and space from them to judge, nice and slowly.

Or else, you might knock out at a single blow.

—Kang Heon

The second one was to be kind and empathetic to the weak and poor.

To put it simply, Jessi’s fortune is like the sun. But the sun shines equally on everyone. So I recommend you to light your light on the weak, the poor, and the hard ones.

If you look at the world through the eyes of the poor, Jessi’s life will become truly glorious.

—Kang Heon

You can watch the whole fortune-telling session from 4:30 onwards here!

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