Fourth Generation Idol’s “Kiss” Scenes In A Recent BL Sparks A Heated Debate Online

Netizens were split with their reactions.

There has been a rise in the number of idols starring in BLs, including ZEROBASEONE‘s Jiwoong, SF9‘s Zuho, DKZ‘s Jaechan, and former KNK member Park Seoham.

SF9’s Zuho in “Starstruck”
DKZ’s Jaechan and Park Seoham in “Semantic Error”

Recently, OMEGA X‘s Hangyeom is starring in the BL Jazz For Two.

The poster for “Jazz For Two”

During one of the episodes, the couple had a kiss scene, but fans noticed that it wasn’t as clear, with them either being shown as a blur or a shadow.



After the scene, one OP gained attention after their take on the scene. It isn’t uncommon to see idols starring in BLs and having kiss scenes, but the OP thought that if someone isn’t comfortable or not allowed to be shown kissing another male, then they shouldn’t audition for the role.

The comment then sparked a debate within the quotes.

Many fans agreed that in 2024, there shouldn’t be any prejudice against this kind of scene, pointing to previous idols who have had passionate kiss scenes throughout their dramas.

While others shared that it wasn’t as deep as others made out.

Along with sharing that BLs didn’t need kiss scenes for effectiveness, others pointed to Hangyeom’s personality and that any decisions were probably out of his control.

There has definitely been a rise in idols starring in BLs, and the type of storylines and intimacy ranges depending on the OG material, the staff, and much more. Fans think it’s wrong to generalize the genre and expect all actors to follow the same structure to “please” fans.

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