The Fourth-Generation Boy Group Gaining Attention For Their “Unexpected” Outfits At The “2023 Asia Artist Awards”

Netizens praised how different it was to the rest of the boy groups attending!

December 14 saw some of the biggest stars in K-Pop and Asian music come together for the 2023 Asia Artist Awards (AAAs) in the Philippines. Before the event, all the stars took to the red carpet and as expected, the male idols shined with their visuals.

The members of SEVENTEEN’s BSS
Stray Kids

Yet, while all the boy groups looked stunning in their sleek and sophisticated suits, one group gained attention for a completely different look. On the red carpet, the group that shined for netizens from every fandom was ONEUS.

The members of ONEUS | @official_ONEUS/Twitter

Since debuting, ONEUS has always broken the stereotype by always coming back with a completely different concept. Even their last releases couldn’t have been more diverse.


While most boy groups went for suits and darker colors, ONEUS couldn’t have been more different. Seemingly reflecting their concept for “To Be Or Not To Be,” ONEUS looked stunning in bright and elegant outfits, combining colors, styles, and textures.

| @2023AAA_Japan/Twitter

As soon as they walked on the red carpet, netizens were in love with the members’ regal outfits.

While Keonhee might have seemed simple, it was the small details with the black suit that added dimension. Xion and Leedo combined dark pants with a bright blouse to create dimension. Hwanwoong looked stunning in a mixture of more earth tones, and Seoho shined in a bright white and cream look.

Adding accessories to the looks, all the members looked cohesive despite the varying styles.

When the red carpet had ended, netizens couldn’t get enough of the outfits, and even those from other fandoms appreciated the uniqueness of the styles.

While all the idols looked stunning, ONEUS definitely caught the attention of fans with their looks for all the best reasons.

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