The Female Idol J.Y. Park Feels Was A “True Celebrity” When They Met

She is the “Ultimate Idol!”

K-Pop has continued to spread its influence worldwide, and there are always new groups and idols ready to make their impact. Recently, one person with a wealth of experience in the industry revealed the idol who he felt was a “real celebrity” when meeting them.

On November 17, Park Jin Young (known as JYP or J.Y. Park) appeared on GOT7 BamBam‘s YouTube channel.

With his years of experience in the industry, it’s not surprising that BamBam wanted to know a lot of stuff that JYP had experienced over the years. Although they spoke about the past, BamBam wanted to know JYP’s thoughts about the future of K-Pop.

We talked about the senior singer already so.. we have lots of junior singers, right?

— GOT7 BamBam

In particular, with so much experience, BamBam wanted to know his former boss’s thoughts on the singers that debuted after.

I can’t ask this question to anyone but I think I can to you. What do you think looking at the singers who debuted later than you?

— GOT7 BamBam

Of course, K-Pop has changed massively. JYP explained that there was a different aura to the recent idols, adding, “I feel like they’re debuting when they’re ready to be an idol.”

It’s so different. The period when you debuted was like that too. Back then and now, it’s also different.

— Park Jin Young

Things then got interesting as JYP got fans excited as he explained…“The moment I thought this person is really a celebrity…”

And he revealed that the idol that really seemed like a celebrity was none other than IVE’s Jang Wonyoung…

When they did the “Groove Back” challenge.


JYP then explained the reasons behind his choice, and the impact Wonyoung had when they did the challenge.

Everything… From the moment we met, filmed the challenge to the moment we said ‘bye’, it was all so ‘idol.’ I’m saying this in a good way.

— Park Jin Young

JYP then couldn’t stop singing words of praise for Wonyoung. He shared how much she seems to enjoy being an idol even though she might struggle.

I can see that she likes and enjoys this life and is living that life properly. Maybe she could have hard time inside but at least exterior side told me that. I thought that maybe this is the ‘idol mode installation.’

— Park Jin Young

Since debuting in IZ*ONE and then in IVE, Wonyoung has never failed to make an impact and rightly earned the title of the fourth-generation “IT Girl.”

When the video was posted, netizens couldn’t help but agree with JYP’s choice of Wonyoung, praising the idol for being a “true celebrity.

Considering how long JYP has been in the industry, choosing Wonyoung cements her uniqueness and impact on K-Pop.

Source: 뱀집