Fourth-Generation Female Idol Is Praised After Hitting Back At A Hate Comment About Her Group “Disbanding”

“Every idol should start snapping back…”

Since the creation of Weverse, netizens have been able to see most of their favorite idols on one platform, whether it’s watching live broadcasts, leaving messages, and much more.

One group that is active on Weverse is SECRET NUMBER.

The members of SECRET NUMBER | @5ecretnumber/Twitter

Since the group’s debut, SECRET NUMBER has always impressed fans with amazing music, strong performance skills, and charismatic personalities.

Yet, member Dita has gained praise after her response to a hater’s comment about the group disbanding.


On Weverse, netizens couldn’t hide their anger when they saw that someone had written a very mean message to the group, saying, “When you disban.” While it seems simple, netizens unsurprisingly thought it was a “diss” comment that was criticizing the group.


The members also seemed to see the negativity in the message, but rather than ignore it, member Dita gained praise after she replied with “Not anytime soon don’t worry” and emojis. While it seemed sweet, Dita was definitely slaying with her sassy hit back at the comment, especially with the kiss face emoji and heart.


When the post was shared online, it wasn’t surprising that Dita received so much praise for her response. Netizens couldn’t believe that someone would join a group’s Weverse page to send hate but were glad that Dita hit back at the haters.

Netizens believe that idols should be able to hit back at haters, and Dita proved that it can be done in the classiest way but with the most impact.