A Fourth-Generation Girl Group’s Albums Go Viral For All The Wrong Reasons — Netizens Hit Back At The K-Pop Company Responsible

It comes in the midst of the group’s legal battle to terminate their contract.

For months, one of the longest stories in K-Pop has been the struggles of the girl group FIFTY FIFTY in the battle to terminate their contract with their company ATTRAKT.

The members of FIFTY FIFTY

At the end of August,  a judge ruled to deny FIFTY FIFTY’s request to suspend its contract with ATTRAKT. The ruling came after months of public allegations and shocking revelations regarding FIFTY FIFTY and The Givers‘ Ahn Sung Il, who discovered the viral track “Cupid.”

Yet, while it was reported that the group was appealing to the court, the group has sadly gone viral again for their albums, but for all the wrong reasons.

Recently, a netizen shared a video showing the contents of the new FIFTY FIFTY album that is being sold. The OP shared that most of the pages were blank or with minimal design, showing that the only photos of the members were edited to an orange color.

| @trashb0rb/Twitter
| @trashb0rb/Twitter
| @trashb0rb/Twitter 

The OP of the video shared the album and emphasized that it was not done to criticize the members at all, but the companies who are exploiting the group during a lawsuit.

After the video was shared, netizens couldn’t help but react, hitting out at ATTRAKT and showcasing their support for the FIFTY FIFTY members.

When the videos were shared on TikTok…


What’s k!ll!ng me is the blank pages it’s like they didn’t want us to buy the album either 😭 #freefiftyfifty #fiftyfifty #fiftyfiftycupid #fiftyfiftykpop #kpop #kpoptiktok #viral #kpopfyp #viral #foryou #fyp

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Netizens also had similar thoughts, criticizing the company and also sharing how awful the design was for fans, and showcasing the extreme capitalism that K-Pop suffers from.

Amidst the group’s legal battles, netizens hated how the company was still trying to make money off the members which they wouldn’t benefit from, which also affects fans who pay a lot of money for albums.
Source: trashb0rb