“Weverse Knock-Off!” Fourth-Generation Girl Group’s New “Lackluster” Lightstick Design Upsets Fans

“After three years, they deserve better!”

One of the biggest parts of K-Pop culture is lightsticks. When idols get their own design, it allows them to showcase their love for the groups at concerts and shows.

BTS’s RM and Jungkook with the ARMY Bomb | BIGHIT MUSIC
BLACKPINK’s Lisa with their group lightstick
SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu with the CARATBONG version 2 | Pledis Entertainment

Recently, fourth-generation girl group WEEEKLY released their new lightstick design, but it disappointed many fans.

The members of WEEEKLY | @_weeekkly/Twitter

Since debuting, WEEEKLY has been seen as one of the most underrated groups.


On November 14 (KST), the X account for WEEEKLY released the design of their new official lightstick. The sleek white design has a glitter dome with a “W” inside.

It became a hot topic on the Korean forum theqoo as fans compared it to a “Weverse Lightstick.” Yet, it wasn’t just fans in Korea who were disappointed. When the tweet was shared online…

In the quotes, while many netizens also saw a “Weverse Knock-Off,” many just voiced their disappointment about waiting three years for a lightstick and being given such a plain design.

Others pointed out that other IST groups, including VICTON, APINK, and THE BOYZ, all had beautiful lightstick designs, and it felt like WEEEKLY were being given the short end of the stick. For them, it felt like a downgrade, whether it was the colors, designs, or the fact it didn’t represent the members’ identity.

Some tried to stay positive to see the basic design as something they could customize, but it wasn’t surprising that many were angry after waiting so long.

Lightsticks are a huge part of K-Pop culture, with each one meant to represent the group and fandom in a special way. Many WEEEKLY fans believe the members deserve more respect and thought when creating such an integral piece of merchandise.

Source: theqoo and @_weeekly