The Fourth-Generation Female Idol Going Viral For Her Honesty About Their Song That Didn’t “Succeed”

“We weren’t that confident and weren’t sure about it…”

The fourth generation of K-Pop has definitely been dominated by girl groups. While many have been from some of the bigger K-Pop companies, STAYC debuted under High Up Entertainment and instantly made an impact.

The members of STAYC | @STAYC_official/Twitter

Since debuting, STAYC has cemented why they were called “Star Rookies” upon their debut. The group has continued to release some of the catchiest songs, showcasing their unreal talent in each track.



Yet, STAYC’s Yoon recently gained attention after her honest thoughts when one of the group’s favorite songs didn’t have the same impact on fans. Yoon recently appeared on the popular YouTube channel Kiu, where the hairdresser chatted with the idol while doing her hair.

STAYC’s Yoon and hairstylist Kiu | @STAYC_Official/Twitter

During the video, Yoon was asked about what her favorite title track is, and the idol responded with their song “Beautiful Monster.”

The catchy song was released back in July 2022 and once again showcased the group’s diverse sound and unreal talent.

Yoon revealed that the song was one of the group’s favorites.

She even explained that the first time the group heard the song, they thought it was going to be an instant hit.

Which made it even harder for the group after it didn’t receive the same positive reaction from fans. In particular, the lack of success of “Beautiful Monster” made the members worried about the reaction to their track “Teddy Bear.”


When the video was posted, netizens shared how hard it must’ve been for Yoon to be so honest about what happened with the song and their anger at the “haters” during this period who criticized the track or left the fandom.

While many fans loved “Beautiful Monster,” it hurt netizens to see the impact the song’s reaction had on the members, including doubting their future releases. Yoon showcased that it’s good to be honest, but it wasn’t surprising that fans couldn’t hide their hurt at the “hate” the song received had.

Source: Kiu