FOX5’s “Like It Or Not” Panels Dish At VMA’s K-Pop Category And Say BTS “Got Snubbed”

“That’s a bunch of BS, honestly.”

Since it announced the addition of a brand new category called “The Best K-Pop”, the MTV VMAs have been receiving a tremendous amount of backlash – from not only K-Pop lovers worldwide, but also American pop culture experts.


On a recent segment of FOX5’s Like It or Not, the show hosts and guests had a lot to say about VMA’s decision to “create barriers” rather than break them down.


Pop culture expert Jawn Murray, who appeared as a guest for the segment discussing VMA’s brand new category, sharply pointed out that record-breaking artists should be nominated in the major categories.

[BTS] have broken all these records, they’ve had an epic year. They should be in all the major categories. I don’t like the fact that they separated them.

— Jawn Murray


Another correspondent on the show Guy Lambert agreed with Jawn Murray and said BTS “were snubbed”.

I’m with Jawn on this one. BTS got snubbed. That’s a bunch of BS, honestly. I mean, they had their video come out. Within 24 hours, what was it? 74 million views.

— Guy Lambert


The host, Angie Goff – who identified herself as Korean having grown up in Seoul and a huge fan of BTS – also showed discontent at the alleged discrimination going on with the VMAs by it establishing a separate K-Pop category.

Being Korean, and having grown up in Seoul, and big fan of BTS, I think the thing that bothers me the most about all this is that they created a separate category like K-Pop. Why would you do that when they do belong in the main categories?

— Angie Goff


To that, Jawn Murray pointed out that the same kind of separation used to happen to R&B music and Angie Goff wrapped up the discussion simply commenting that “It isn’t civil.”


Watch the full discussion here: