“#FreeTaehyung” Trends As Netizens Defend BTS’s V After He Follows BIGBANG’s T.O.P On Instagram

He quickly unfollowed T.O.P afterward.

BTS‘s V, otherwise known by his real name Kim Taehyung, received some malicious online comments from netizens after following BIGBANG‘s T.O.P on Instagram. Many commenters were upset since they viewed T.O.P as a bad influence on V.

| @Kkoogender/Twitter
| @jjksnini7/Twitter

ARMY, BTS’s official fandom, was frustrated since some of the negative messages came from people who claimed to be fans of V and BTS. Some of these Twitter users deactivated their accounts or deleted their tweets following the backlash from ARMYs.

Many netizens also came to V’s defense, saying that those who made negative comments towards him aren’t real fans and do not deserve to be a part of ARMY. The hashtag “#FreeTaehyung” began trending on Twitter.

V quickly unfollowed T.O.P on Instagram, implying that his actions were an accident or a mistake. Regardless, many of V’s fans made it clear that they supported him unconditionally.

Unfortunately, interactions between K-Pop idols are still sometimes viewed in a negative light. Hopefully, both artists aren’t affected by the negative comments made towards them, and their personal decisions are respected.

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