Influencer Song Ji A From Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno” Re-emerges After Four Months, Pictured Helping Out At A Soup Kitchen

“Please keep spreading your positive influence.”

Song Ji A, who gained immense popularity through Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno, was pictured at a public event for the first time in four months.

Song Ji A | @catholic_lp/Instagram

The Catholic Love And Peace House uploaded pictures of the influencer, as well as actress Kang Ye Won, helping out at the soup kitchen on May 19.

Song Ji A (front) and Kang Ye Won (back) | @catholic_lp/Instagram

According to the The Catholic Love And Peace House, the influencer and actress visit the soup kitchen often and help out.

Ji A and Kang Ye Won visit once a month and work in the kitchen. They also help hand out lunch boxes to the needy. Please keep spreading your positive influence.

—The Catholic Love And Peace House

Song Ji A (left) and Park Ji Yeon (right)| @yonine_jiyeon

The influencer and actress can be seen making food for the homeless near Seoul Station.

| @yonine_jiyeon

Comedian Lee Soo Geun’s wife, Park Ji Yeon, stated on Instagram she had also helped out with the actress and influencer.

I am the happiest when I cook. I am glad to share that happiness with good people. I finally took the initiative to come and help out with Kang Ye Won unnie, who has been coming to this place for a while. I was even happier since Song Ji A helped as well.

Park Ji Yeon

Song Ji A was Korea’s hottest influencer before she had allegedly worn counterfeit clothes. She has since stopped all promotions and has been out of the spotlight. It was previously reported that she had donated ₩20.0 million KRW (about $15,800 USD) to those affected by mountain fires last March.

Song Ji A | @dear.zia/Instagram
| @dear.zia/Instagram
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