French Photographer Bernard Faucon Claims BTS Copied His Work, Big Hit Responds

Big Hit released a statement:

BTS has revealed an official statement regarding photographer Bernard Faucon‘s claims that their “Blood, Sweat & Tears” music video is similar to his work.

According to the photographer, certain parts of BTS’ music video are similar to his 1978 work “Banquet” from “Summer Holidays”. The clothing on the mannequin and the background are the same, according to the French artist. He also claimed that a part of the cover photography for “Young Forever” was similar to his work.

Moreover, he claimed that BTS’ album title was inspired by his 1997-2003 project “The Most Beautiful Day of My Youth”. In an interview with a media outlet, he stated, “I am happy that they were inspired by my work. I don’t plan to take legal action but I hope they acknowledge the fact that they were inspired (by my work).”


In response to these claims, however, Big Hit Entertainment has stated that they have already denied the claims last year. Both parties exchanged certificates and Bernard Faucon had requested an apology and compensation.

Last September, a gallery claimed the similarities and we delivered our statement that the claims were invalid.

ㅡ Big Hit Entertainment

Source: Ilgan Sports