Fromis_9 Has Finally Earned Their First Win Almost 4 Years After Debut And Everyone Is Emotional

Congratulations to Fromis_9 and Flovers!

Over the past 4 years, the girls of Fromis_9 have made it through 1 survival show, management under 3 different companies, and 8 comebacks to finally reach the moment the group and Flovers have been waiting for. On September 7, Fromis_9 received their first music show win on SBS‘s The Show for their song “Talk & Talk”, beating out Kwon Eunbi and MIRAE.

Fromis_9 was created through the survival show, Idol School, during the summer of 2017 and would make their official debut later that November on the biggest stage imaginable, MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards). Following this, the girls built a strong following but never seemed to be able to snatch that first win, even with catchy songs like “Love Bomb”, “Fun!”, and “We Go”.

Fromis_9 Predebut | @Xv71svcZuIbB7nk/Twitter

Fromis_9 recently went from being co-managed by Off The Record and Stone Music  to being solely managed by Pledis Entertainment. “Talk & Talk” marks their first comeback under the new label which is already proving to be a successful switch.

Fromis_9 “Talk & Talk” | @fromisdays/Twitter

After taking the stage, the members became emotional as soon as they began to thank their fans. Captain (leader), Saerom, remained steadfast the entire time, even checking on her members when they needed her.

Jiwon, who was first introduced to the public on Sixteen (which created TWICE), gave a sweet moment of watery-eyed “aegyo” to thank their Flovers for the years of support.

The most heart-wrenching reaction came from the group’s maknae, Jiheon, who could barely contain her tears of joy once the encore began. Over the course of Fromis_9’s career, Jiheon has been successfully pulling double duty as both an idol and high school student. It was evident that this victory made all those nights of studying after practice worth it.

Fans on Twitter couldn’t contain their joy for the girls and had “#fromis_9_1stWin” trending #1 Worldwide almost immediately after the group’s win.

Fans were instantly nostalgic, thinking back on how far the girls have come.

Some even noticed just how impressively high the girls’ final score ended up being.

Other Flovers were incredibly touched by the entire group’s attempt to comfort Jiheon together by enthusiastically singing her line to encourage her.

Fans also couldn’t help but love member Gyuri‘s commitment to the original encore plan to simply play ping pong on stage.

In what might be most heartwarming, one fan found clips of the girls during Idol School discussing their dreams from the future.

This Flover summarized the feeling perfectly through a meme.

Congratulations again to both Fromis_9 and Flovers! We know the girls can keep this momentum going for the rest of 2021. To see their full encore, check out the video below: