Fromis_9’s Jiheon Seemingly Shuts Down Recent Dating Rumors With ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon

It comes after the group’s recent “Music Bank” performance.

One of the best things about music shows in K-Pop is that it seems like the perfect place to see your favorite idols interacting with each other. Yet, it recently seems as if that is becoming more and more difficult, especially when it comes to male and female idols as many simple interactions or speculations have led to “dating rumors.”

Fromis_9‘s Jiheon recently experienced this and had to address “dating” rumors with Music Bank MC ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon.

Fromis_9’s Jiheon | @jiheonnibaek/Instagram

On July 1, fromis_9 appeared on Music Bank to perform “Stay This Way,” and the group shined with their performance.

Like every group that has a comeback, fromis_9 had an interview with MC’s ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon and IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung. During the interview, the group introduced their comeback and gave netizens a look at some of the things they could expect from the track.

Yet, Korean netizens quickly created posts on an online community forum about fromis_9’s Jiheon and her particularly long stare at MC Sunghoon.

In the media that was posted, Jiheon was seen shyly smiling while looking in Sunghoon’s direction and one netizen claimed that, in one of the GIFs, Jiheon even lingers behind to smile at Sunghoon. When they saw the posts, many netizens wondered whether Jiheon had a crush on the idol or they were dating.

Unsurprisingly, the rumors gained a lot of attention from netizens on Korean forums.

As the rumors started to gain attention, Jiheon personally took to Weverse to shut down the allegations from netizens. In the posts, the idol seemingly addressed the images posted as she explained that she was looking at her members.

I mean, during the interview, Saerom unnie and Nakyung unnie were so funny lol.

— Jiheon

| Weverse

She then cutely added that she was also looking at “Flovers” which is the name for those who are fans of fromis_9. In the second post, she explained, “Yeah, I was only looking at flovers, lol. Let’s only look at one another.”

| Weverse

When the post was shared, many netizens shared how unnecessary the statements were as nothing should’ve been assumed. Others shared their sadness that idols can’t even interact or seemingly interact with each other without dating rumors arising.

Although it wasn’t a direct statement about Sunghoon, netizens have assumed that Jiheon was clarifying where she was looking after seeing all of the comments online. Many also believe it’s a shame that any interaction between male and female idols results in dating rumors.

You can watch the whole interview below.

Source: KBS Kpop