Fromis_9’s Chaeyoung Is Brought To Tears Due To Malicious Comments During Recent Livestream

Fans criticized the netizen for their disgusting comments.

Fromis_9‘s Chaeyoung was brought to tears due to malicious comments during a recent livestream.

On January 17, Chaeyoung held a livestream, where she spent time speaking with fans.

During the livestream, however, one netizen started spewing disgusting comments at the idol and her fellow member Baek Jiheon. According to news reports, the netizen threw verbal assaults that were sexual in nature and even cursed at her parents.

Although Chaeyoung tried her best to ignore the netizen, eventually, Chaeyoung was brought to tears and ended her livestream.

According to reports, the netizen is known to have left several malicious comments aimed at the idol in the past, even threatening her.

Even after fromis_9 disbands and you become a non-celebrity, I will find you and continue to bother you. Don’t think about running away.

Fans of the idol who saw this criticized the netizen and also criticized the streaming app for not doing a better job of monitoring the live chat.

  • “This is beyond malicious comments. They seem mentally unwell.”
  • “I heard they signed up to the app using their google account, so they aren’t even able to be sued.”
  • “Why isn’t the app monitoring the chats?”
  • “This is cruel. She’s only just now turned 19.”

This isn’t the first time the livestream app has been criticized for not monitoring the live chat. According to reports, the app doesn’t have a system in place to prevent malicious comments from appearing. Currently, on the app, comments must be manually flagged for them to be deleted.

Source: wikitree
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