Fromis_9’s Jisun Faces Criticism For Allegedly Snapping Her Fingers “Rudely” At A Member Of Staff

Netizens had mixed reactions to the clip from earlier in the year!

Although K-Pop is an industry that can be seen as hierarchical, whether it involves the idols, managers, or staff, Korean culture has always been praised as polite and respectful.

Yet, recently, fromis_9 member Jisun has come under fire from both Korean and international netizens after footage has resurfaced allegedly showcasing the idol being “rude” in her gestures toward a staff member.

Fromis_9 member Jisun | @rosieline_/Instagram

The footage that has resurfaced appears to be from this April when fromis_9 attended the Kiwoom Heroes vs. LG Twins baseball game to throw the first pitch and perform.

In the clip shared, the members are sitting watching the game from their seats.

| 쌈디/YouTube 
| 쌈디/YouTube     

At one point, Jisun is seen snapping her fingers to catch the attention of the staff before pointing at something.

| 쌈디/YouTube

The manager then sees Jisun’s actions, and something is passed down to the members at the far side of the seating.

| 쌈디/YouTube

When the clip was shared on Korean forums, netizens shared their opinions about the video. For many, although it was a staff member, they shared how “rude” they deemed the action and that it didn’t come across well, even if it wasn’t intentional.

  • If she is like that in front of people, does she ring a bell to get people’s attention, like here?
  • It isn’t too problematic, but it’s probably best if she didn’t do that anymore.
  • I think she’s doing that out of habit, but she really needs to fix that. That is really rude, especially to the staff.
  • There’s no way she would be able to do that unless she really thought she was superior. You wouldn’t even get away with doing that to your friends.
  • Watching the video, it is worse than I thought…_

| Instiz

Some foreign netizens explained that it could be due to the noise and mask restrictions meaning the manager wouldn’t have been able to hear them. Yet, others explained that it is never polite behavior, and there could’ve been other ways to gain the staff member’s attention.

There could have been many reasons Jisun could’ve used the gesture. Although it doesn’t show that the idol has a “bad” or “rude” personality, many think it wasn’t the best way to handle the situation and could come across in a negative light.

You can watch the full video below.

Source: PannChoa and Instiz